‘Right On Target’ – Russia’s Defense Military Celebrates Killing Children in Latest Missile Attack

Following a deadly attack that killed at least 16 civilians in Ukraine, Russia’s Defense Ministry posted a picture of a missile launch lauding their own work.

The morning after a deadly attack that claimed the lives of at least 16 civilians in Ukraine – including a three-yar-old child –, Russia’s Defense Ministry posted a picture of a missile launch with the quote, “Right on target.”

 The message was accompanied by the hashtag ГероиZ, which means “heroes” in Russian and includes the symbol of Russian aggression, the letter Z.

 In the town of Uman in central Ukraine, at least 14 people were killed and several more wounded after a rocket hit a residential building. In Dnipro a woman and a three-year-old child were killed in another missile strike.

Meanwhile, on Telegram channels, self-proclaimed “Z-patriots” – Russians who passionately support the war against Ukraine – were celebrating the missile attack and the resulting deaths.

 Here are some of the quotes that were shared:

 “We didn’t cause enough destruction. We should have hit the foundation.”

“The Khokhlota (an insulting term for Ukrainians) must suffer.”

“Throw out your air defenses, Ukrainians.”

“The new air defense systems from Western partners couldn’t even shoot down a Russian missile.”

“Let all Ukrainians die.”

“According to updated information, the Iskander-K missiles were launched from the southern direction. This cruise missile has the same tactical and technical characteristics as the Kalibr, but it is a ground-based missile and not ballistic. The main challenge with this missile is that it flies at a very low altitude, making it difficult to detect and shoot down. However, our air defence has successfully intercepted similar missiles,” Ignat explained.

 According to the latest information, in the town of Uman in central Ukraine, at least eleven people were killed and nine wounded after a rocket hit a residential building overnight, Ihor Klymenko, Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs, said.

 Footage posted to social media showed a gutted apartment building with rubble strewn around it.

 A young woman and a three-year-old child were killed in Dnipro after a missile hit their home, the mayor of the city, Borys Filatov, reported on Facebook.



  1. russia actually celebrating genocide against Ukrainian civilians, while the West watches on with indifference, unwilling to untie the shackles on Ukraine to defend itself. It’s a fucking disgrace from so called democracies.

    • The worst case scenario is that after the war anti-western political parties could hijack Ukraine, pointing at the fact that the West did not save Ukraine from the ruSSian aggression. Then Ukraine would be like Switzerland, not allied with anybody, having the fuck enough.

      • If the West and many international institutions do not want to uphold the rule of law and the treaties and charters they’ve signed then its not fair that Ukraine should have to follow the law when the invaders do not.
        In other words, pain is coming to Moskovia because Ukrainians know they have to export the pain in order to protect the homeland, maintain peace and serve reality to the Moskali.

        • The Budapest Memorandum calls for the US to consult with other members if a question of enforcement came up. The US has done that and more.

          Legally speaking, Ukraine has every right (and responsibility) to strike military targets in Russia from which they are launching attacks. I agree the West is being rather conservative in trying to aid Ukraine without directly entering a war, but such is the political environment and lack of appetite for war today.

          I wish the collective West would have issued an ultimatum long ago for Russia to stop attacks on civilians or the means to hit those launch points would be provided.

    • You can overlook the formidable and expensive systems like Patriot and IRIS-T (which Germany itself isn’t even using yet) that have been sent along with everything else. As for calling the West “so called democracies”, I have to question if you understand the meaning of the term. Do you think people in those countries elected their leaders to get into a war with Russia? I can assure you they did not.

      In fact, legally the Budapest memorandum isn’t a treaty in the

      • In fact, legally the Budapest memorandum isn’t a treaty in the US the way the NATO agreement is. This is because it was not ratified by the Senate and no US President has the power to make treaties by themself.

  2. Photos taken at the WH on May 1, 2011 on the elimination of Bin Laden have just been published (WP).
    Birthday in 3 days. Ante-mortem iconography, premonition for another orc terrorist?
    I hope right in target too. 🙂

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