In Donetsk, a missile hit a mini bus: 7 dead (VIDEO, PHOTO 18+)

On April 28, the “mayor” of Donetsk, Alexei Kulemzin, reported on social media that a shell hit a mini bus route No. 25.

“According to preliminary data, 7 people were killed in the area of the former Ukraina supermarket – a a shell hit a mini bus route No. 25”, – wrote Kulemzin.

An eyewitness in a video confirms that there was a child among the victims.

The russian propaganda traditionally blames the Ukrainian Armed Forces for shelling Donetsk. In fact, on February 24, 2022, the russian federation unleashed an aggressive war against Ukraine, claiming tens of thousands of Ukrainian lives on both sides of the contact line.

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  1. What a coincidence. On the day Putler launches another war crime against Ukraine, his puppets claim, without any evidence whatsoever, that Ukraine attacked residents of Donbas. This was more likely Pushilin torching a bus and a few cars.

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