Ukrainian Armed Forces Smashed Russian Positions In Bakhmut From HIMARS At Night

Ukrainian soldiers control the heights in the vicinity of the city.


A video of the work of Ukrainian rocket artillery on the positions of the Russian army in Bakhmut appeared on the Internet. Apparently, Bakhmut is becoming a mass grave for the invaders seeking to capture the ruins of the settlement.

At the same time, Ukrainian artillery is located on the heights in close proximity to the city and covers any positions and buildings with Russians who are detected using a drone.

A new HIMARS strike at night was caught on video: the footage is published by the Telegram channel Ukraine 365.

Filmed from a corrective drone with a thermal imaging camera, a series of powerful explosions after pinpoint volleys in different parts of the village.


  1. I will be extremely disappointed in US support for Ukraine if the longer range GLSDBs are not provided as soon as possible and in sufficient quantity to make a real difference.

    • Honestly, here you mentioned two points in which the administration has utterly failed numerous times; the amount and the timing.

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