Resistance forces kill 2 occupiers in Kherson Oblast for abusing locals

 27 APRIL 2023

The members of the Atesh underground resistance movement have launched the Ukrainian Night operation and killed two invaders in Kherson Oblast. 

Source: National Resistance Centre 

Quote: “On the night of 26-27 April, in the village of Veliky Kopani, Oleshky district (Kherson Oblast), resistance forces killed two invaders. The killed Russians regularly abused the locals, but a reckoning came to them. “

Earlier: On April 23, members of the Atesh underground resistance movement blew up an invaders’ checkpoint near the village of Oleshky in the occupied part of Kherson Oblast. It is reported that home-made explosives were used to detonate the explosion. As a result, an on-duty unit of the National Guard of Russia was killed.

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  1. Atesh needs half a million fighters instead of a few hundred.
    The allies should fund the mass recruitment of mercenaries to augment them.

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