Putin signed a decree providing for the deportation of Ukrainians from the occupied territories

Oleg Davygora21:29, 04/27/23

Residents of the occupied territories of Ukraine who have not accepted Russian citizenship may be deported.

Russian President Vladimir Putin legalized the deportation of residents of the illegally annexed territories of Ukraine who refused to accept Russian citizenship .

The signed decree states that citizens of Ukraine residing in the illegally annexed territories and who decide to retain Ukrainian citizenship can reside there until July 1, 2024. Then they can be deported.

A separate paragraph of the presidential decree concerns the deportation of those who “pose a threat to national security” of Russia. Residents of illegally annexed regions who advocate “violent change in the foundations of the constitutional order” in Russia, finance terrorist and extremist activities, or participate in “unauthorized” actions will be deported and banned from entering the country, Dozhd writes .

(C)UNIAN 2023


    • So if you’re russian and hate Ukraine you can stay in Ukraine. If you are Ukrainian and you hate russia you must go to russia….

      Yet the ICC and the UN do not see any signs of genocide.
      Where’s my vodka…………

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