Putin allowed the partial lifting of Russian sanctions against Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has authorized the Russian government to make exceptions to Russian sanctions against Ukraine introduced in 2018.

The relevant decree was published on the Russian official legal information portal, RBC reports .

The document amends the decree of October 22, 2018 and adds the following clause: “Give the Government of the Russian Federation the authority to issue temporary permits that provide for the non-application of special economic measures determined in accordance with this decree.”

The new decree will not have retroactive effect and applies to legal relations that have arisen since the date of its signing.

Putin signed a decree on Russian sanctions against Ukraine in October 2018. According to it, the Russian government was instructed to determine the lists of individuals and legal entities against whom sanctions are imposed, as well as to decide exactly what restrictions should be imposed against these persons and “ensure, in accordance with its competence, the implementation of other measures.” In the initial version, the list consisted of 322 individuals and 68 enterprises.

Since 2018, Russia has repeatedly introduced and expanded sanctions against Kyiv.

Also, Russia has repeatedly expanded the list of Ukrainian goods and companies subject to sanctions, which today include Ukraine’s largest chemical holdings, producers of agricultural products, metallurgical and mining companies, as well as banks and defense enterprises. Джерело: https://biz.censor.net/n3414830


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