Now is the time to test Ukrainian weapons on Russian cities – military expert

Ukrainian weapons could have been used for recent explosions near the Russian city of St.Petersburg, Center for Military Legal Studies head, Oleksandr Musiienko, told Radio NV on April 27.

“Now is probably the golden (opportunity), because it opens up prospects for strikes on enemy military targets in Russia,” Musiienko argued.

He explained that Russia has no reliable air defense around its cities in vast areas of the country not near the border.

“Occupied Crimea is probably more saturated with air defense systems than St. Petersburg,” Musiienko said.

“Russia has brought everything it can bring – quite a lot of equipment [onto the peninsula] and so they have virtually ‘exposed’ the territory of Russia, which, in my opinion, is very vulnerable today. If we are going to test [Ukrainian weapons], the best prospects are open now.”

Several explosions were heard across St. Petersburg on April 26.

City authorities have not commented on the situation, but there are reports of explosions near the 20th Aviation Repair Plant, which currently houses military aircraft, on social media.

Earlier, the airspace over the city was closed for several hours due to an unknown object in the sky.

Similar situations have occurred near Moscow.

For example, four unidentified drones were recently found near Moscow in the space of two days, one of which was carrying explosives.


  1. It’s well over a 1000km to St Petersburg from Ukraine, it’s not surprising the mafia state are keeping quiet. If Ukraine are responsible for these explosions, then everything in russia worth destroying, is in range.

  2. Indeed, mafia land is wide open, all across its expanse. Ukraine could probably march on Moscow and hardly be hindered.

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