Night strike on Nikolaev: Zelensky showed the consequences of the Russian attack (video)

Veronika Prokhorenko09:25, 04/27/23

Also, the President of Ukraine and the State Emergency Service showed the terrible consequences of a missile attack on a residential building.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky did not keep his words because of the terrible nighttime terrorist attack of the Russian army in the city of Nikolaev .

In his Telegram , Zelensky confirmed that the enemy fired on Mykolaiv with four Kalibr missiles, which were aimed at private houses, a historic building and a high-rise building. 

“At the moment, it is known about one dead and 23 wounded, including a child. Eternal memory to the dead and a speedy recovery to the wounded. This is another crime against humanity that terrorists will not get away with. We will find all those responsible. There will be responsibility for everything,” the president wrote.

He showed the aftermath of a nighttime rocket attack: showed the consequences of a blow to a house in Nikolaev

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine also shared similar personnel  in the Nikolaev region. Rescuers from the very night are engaged in the elimination of the consequences of a rocket attack by the terrorist country Russia. of the consequences of enemy rocket shelling of Nikolaevmong the victims. 

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  1. This is genocide. A crime of pure evil and hate that will be celebrated by putinazi scum inside and outside RuZZia.
    All west based opinion-formers and politicians who want to gift Russia with land as a reward for mass murder should be arrested under a new law: aiding and abetting genocide.

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