“Mariupol butcher” Mizintsev removed from post of Deputy Minister of Defense – Russian media

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The reasons for this decision are still unknown.

Another reshuffle took place in the top military leadership of Russia. Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev , known as the “Mariupol butcher”, was removed from the post of Deputy Minister of Defense.

Alexander Sladkov, the so-called “war correspondent” from among the Kremlin propagandists, was the first to report this. After that, the information was confirmed in the Telegram channel “Earlier than anyone. Well, almost” with reference to its own sources. It is reported that Mizintsev was responsible for the logistics of the Russian army.

The reasons why the colonel-general was decided to be removed from his post are still unknown. Representatives of the Kremlin authorities did not give official comments regarding the dismissal.

Mikhail Mizintsev: what is known about him

Previously, the colonel-general was considered “Putin’s favorite.” He commanded Russian troops in Syria, where he became famous for carpet bombing.

In the spring of 2022, Mizintsev was appointed to lead the siege of Mariupol. It was this colonel-general who gave orders to mercilessly shell the city and kill civilians. During his command, blows were struck at the maternity hospital and the drama theater, in the basement of which people were hiding. Because of his terrorist methods of warfare, Mizintsev earned the nickname “Mariupol butcher”.

Since 2014, the officer has served as director of the national defense control center of the Russian Federation. In 2017, he received the post of Colonel General, and in September 2022 he became Deputy Minister of Defense .

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