In the Russian Federation, half of their military losses in Ukraine were explained by illiterate medical care

Oleg Davygora20:56, 27.04.23

More than 50% of all deaths of the occupiers did not occur from life-threatening injuries.

More than half of the Russian military who died in Ukraine died due to illiterate medical care. For the same reason, many soldiers became disabled.

This was stated by the head of the training center for tactical medicine of the Kalashnikov concern, Artem Katulin, in an interview with the Russian propaganda SIM.

“More than 30% of amputations [in the war zone] were due to incorrect tourniquet application, and more than 50% of all deaths were not from life-threatening injuries,” Katulin said.

According to him, the main problems in the field of medical support at the front remain the level of training in the field of first aid and the ability to quickly deliver the wounded to hospitals.

Losses of the Russian Federation in Ukraine – details

Yesterday, the Armed Forces of Ukraine  liquidated 510 Russian occupiers . In total, during the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russian losses have already amounted to approximately 188,920 people.

During the week, the artillerymen completed more than 460 fire missions, almost 80 invaders and enemy equipment were destroyed .

In the city of Bakhmut, Donetsk region, Ukrainian border guards, thanks to mortars, stopped the attack of the Russian invaders .

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  1. That’s interesting but I think it’s obvious. Any country that sends meat pies into battle don’t really give a damn about medical care

    • Then if you do the math, roughly, you have 200,000 dead and usually twice as many wounded. That would be another 400,000. Then half died of wounds they normally would have survived if they had a culture of life instead of death. So, there is another 200,000 dead. Then add those that were killed for refusing to commit war crimes and you are talking about a half million dead Moskali since Vladolf the Short sent them into Ukraine. That would also explain Vladolf’s 3rd attempt at trying to secure 400,000 mobiks to die in Ukraine. And I haven’t even mentioned the millions that fled…
      Slava Ukraini~~!!

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