He told a lot of interesting things. APU captured the first mercenary from Gazprom PMC – video

April 26, 2023

The wounded invader crawled through the forest for four days until he found the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Photo: Screenshot of the video t.me/operativnoZSU)

Evidence has emerged that the first mercenary of the so-called ” volunteer battalion” Potok fell into the hands of the Ukrainian military, with whom the Russian Federation is trying to plug its holes at the front due to a shortage of military personnel.

This unit was formed from Gazprom employees, mostly ordinary elderly watchmen, and became part of the Redut PMC, controlled by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

A video with a wounded loser from the Orenburg region, who was captured during the cleaning of the positions of the Russian invaders near Bakhmut by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was made public on social networks.

According to the invader, before being sent to Ukraine, he worked at Gazprom as a ” senior security guard.”

“Gazprom created the Potok division. The flow was transferred to PMC Redut,” the prisoner explained during interrogation.

At the same time, he added that, in addition to Potok, Gazprom created two more divisions – Torch and Flame, which were already transferred directly to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

As for the circumstances of his surrender, as the Russian notes, his colleagues abandoned him during the evacuation.

“I was in position. The mortar shelling began. I got hurt. Asked for evacuation. I was bandaged… At seven o’clock in the evening, they began to evacuate. They carried two. While they were carrying me, they left me on the field… They left, but they never came back for me… For four days, I crawled alone through the forest, looking for where to go. And so, I came to you,” he told the Ukrainian defenders.


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  1. “For four days, I crawled alone through the forest, looking for where to go. And so, I came to you,”

    They bring death, destruction and horrid crimes, then they come crawling to the Ukrainians like the cockroaches they are and expect leniency.

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