Export of goods from China to Russia breaks records: the media showed that Beijing supplies Putin under the guise of “peace”

Yana Stavskaya12:59, 27.04.23

China continued to supply Russia with microcircuits, chips and electronics.

China continues to supply Russia with goods, including components for weapons, and Russia exports energy products to China in large volumes. Trade indicators between the two countries broke records in December 2022 – February 2023, according to the material ” Economic Truth “.

In particular, since the summer of 2022, monthly imports of oil, oil products and gas have more than doubled to $7-8 billion over the past four years. Thanks to this, Russia even managed to oust Saudi Arabia in the ranking of oil exporters from the first month, Bloomberg wrote earlier. 

Bloomberg’s latest “supply ranking” does not include onshore gas volumes, which China stopped reporting in early 2022, EP points out.

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In turn, China continued to supply Russia with microcircuits, chips and electronics. Journalists cite data from Bruegel as of April 26, which showed an increase of $0.5 billion in monthly supplies of semiconductors to Russia (compared to the average for the past four years).  

However, the record for such deliveries was set just before a full-scale invasion, when Putin was apparently preparing for war and stockpiling for the future. 

An increase in Russian imports from China of electric machines and their parts (including semiconductors), office and automatic machines for data processing, instruments and apparatus (including lasers), telecom and transport equipment (except for road equipment) was recorded.

economic truth
economic truth

War in Ukraine – China’s position

The day before, Xi Jingping called Vladimir Zelensky for the first time since the start of a full-scale Russian invasion. In the conversation, Xi, in particular, said that he would send his delegation to Ukraine, which, by the way, would be headed by the former ambassador to the Russian Federation, Li Hui, in order to push Kiev towards a “peaceful settlement . “

The Western press states that China is playing a “double game” , since the PRC, already established by intelligence, is helping the invaders with ammunition , and the Russian military-industrial complex is helping with the export of dual-use goods. There have also been rumors that Putin is trying to talk Beijing into supplying the Russian military with attack drones .

China has not condemned the Russian aggression, and in the international arena, in every possible way supports the aggressive position of Russian diplomats.

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