Lavrov is a clown, and Russia a terrorist – Czech Foreign Minister

26 APRIL 2023

Jan Lipavský, Czech Foreign Minister, in his response to his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov’s comments about the Czech president, called the Russian diplomat “a clown” and said that the leadership of the terrorist Russia should stand trial.

SourceEuropean Pravda

Lipavský wrote on Twitter that “the statements of Lavrov the clown about our president Pavel are simply ridiculous.” 

“Russia is a terrorist state, and its leadership should face an international tribunal,” the Czech diplomat stressed.

Lipavský did not specify which of Lavrov’s statements he was referring to. However, the Russian Foreign Minister recently said that the reaction of the Czech president to China’s position on Ukraine “does not correspond to political norms”. 

“These are statements that have nothing to do with the work of a normal political figure,” Lavrov said.

Petr Pavel, Czech President, stated that China could not be trusted as a mediator in establishing peace between Russia and Ukraine in an interview with Politico, because it benefits Beijing to continue the war.

Apart from the Czech Republic, other countries are also sceptical that China can act as a neutral mediator, given its “friendship without limits” with Russia.

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