Italian PM: Way out of conflict with Russia possible only on Ukraine’s conditions

26.04.2023 18:27

The topic of captured Ukrainian territories by Russia can never be exchanged for the word “peace”, and a way out of the conflict with Russia is possible only on Ukraine’s conditions.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said this at a bilateral conference in Rome, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

Meloni noted that Italy could not make any other choice but to stand by Ukraine in its struggle for freedom, territorial integrity and European solidarity.

“The Ukrainian people are also fighting for us. The Ukrainian people are not bringing the conflict closer with their struggle, they are moving it away. The support we provide is the support we must provide,” the Italian Prime Minister said.

According to her, she wants to send one message from Rome to the international community today: the future of Ukraine can only be peaceful and free, there are no other options, and Italy wants to contribute to achieving this goal not only by helping Ukraine defend itself and providing political support. 

“When we talk about any future negotiations to end this conflict, the topic of the capture [of Ukrainian territories by Russia] can never be exchanged for the word ‘peace’. Thus, we can get out of this conflict only on the conditions of Ukraine and the initiatives  [of President Zelensky] that we are now moving forward,” Meloni said.

As reported, a bilateral conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine is taking place in Rome on April 26.

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