In the Russian Federation announced the complete restoration of the Crimean bridge: trains will be launched ahead of schedule

Marta Gichko12:48, 04/26/23

The company, which was engaged in the restoration of the destroyed railway track, announced the completion of work.

The Russian invaders announced the early completion of complex work on the Crimean bridge after it was blown up.

According to propaganda publics, specialists are allegedly ready to start the movement of trains through the previously destroyed branch.

“All complex work on the railway part of the Crimean bridge has been completed, the start of the working movement of trains will take place ahead of schedule in May,” Uprdor Taman said.

Crimean bridge “tired”

Recall that in early October last year,  a powerful explosion thundered on the Crimean bridge . Subsequently, it turned out that several spans of the roadway had collapsed, and the railway track had been damaged.

The military then noticed that the destruction or defeat  of the Crimean bridge  is only a matter of time. This crossing is the main route for the supply of weapons from Russia, and the ports of the peninsula are not adapted for the entry of transport ships, so this will significantly complicate enemy logistics.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov added that the Ukrainian equivalent of HIMARS could  demolish the Crimean Bridge .

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  1. May the earth tremble violently under the illegal Crimean bridge severing the rashists logistical abilities once again.

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