War as a cash cow: In 2022, Priogzhin’s companies fed Russian military with rotten vegetables and cockroaches, earning record profits

The leader of the Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Priogzhin, earned 4.7 billion rubles from cooperation with the russian Ministry of Defense in 2022. These figures are reflected in the financial reports of Priogzhin’s companies published online.

The largest sums went to Radius (672.082 million rubles) and Glavnaia Liniia (618.03 million), which are involved in supplying food to the russian Ministry of Defense. However, these contractors were repeatedly found to be in gross violation of sanitary norms. For example, hot shops at Radius were found to have cockroaches and dirt, while inspectors found rotten vegetables in the kitchen of Parus, and Technologia’s chefs fed the military with eggplant caviar with excess nitrates.

Voentorg (a subsidiary of the Ministry of Defense) filed lawsuits against Priogzhin’s companies for 100 million rubles, many of which were satisfied by the courts. However, the regular fines do not prevent them from remaining monopolists in this market and receiving new contracts.

As reported earlier, Prigozhin stated Wagner PMC will not attack Sloviansk and Kramatorsk, he wants russian army to fight there.

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