Russian State Media Is Already Offering Tucker Carlson a New Job


Published Apr. 24, 2023 1:17PM ET 

Russia’s state-funded news network Russia Today wasted no time offering Tucker Carlson a job opportunity after his abrupt departure from Fox News. “Hey [Tucker Carlson], You can always question more [with Russia Today],” the Kremlin-funded outlet said in a tweet addressed to the Fox News star Monday, just minutes after the news of his exit broke. Fox News’ nightly series, Tucker Carlson Tonight, has long been a fixture on Russian state television, with pro-Kremlin propagandists often citing Carlson in their rants against the West and tirades over the U.S. position on the war in Ukraine. Fox News confirmed in a statement that the Friday broadcast of Carlson’s program was his last.


  1. No surprises there! Sucker Carlson can hand over his US passport when he departs for his favorite crap hole.

  2. I’m absolutely certain he wouldn’t take a job from russia. Because even if his politics are more about isolationist conservatism, the sanctions against russia make it very difficult to prosper from any “business” with the frozen orcs.

  3. Carlson is a piece of work. Perhaps he can go to the place he belongs such as the alternate universe that he’s been operating in or better yet, he can just go to hell.

  4. Why don’t RT and Fox News merge and become one channel?
    Imagine the potential this could have!

    Now I have to watch both to see all my favourite arsegivers and watching both at the same time is hard.

    Both channels already offer high quality arsegivery so if they combine their forces the arsegiving is going through the roof!

  5. Hopefully they will pay him more than 6.5 million dollars a year. To increase the chance he would accept the job offer, I would add free lube in his benefits.

    I think at Fox News he was extremely underpaid for his arsegiving services, which were among the finest.

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