Russia accused Ukraine of attacking Sevastopol – threatens not to extend the “grain deal”

Ludmila Zhernovskaya00:37, 04/25/23

The Russians called the UAV attack a “terrorist act.”

Russia accused Ukraine of attacks on occupied Sevastopol and said that this jeopardized the extension of the “grain deal”.

The statement of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation says that on March 23 and April 24, attacks were made on the Black Sea Fleet’s base in Sevastopol and on the civilian infrastructure of Crimea by unmanned boats.

“An analysis of the route of movement of Ukrainian unmanned boats showed that they were all launched from the waters of the port of Odessa, designated for the implementation of the” Black Sea Initiative “. Their deployment was carried out in the area of ​​the humanitarian corridor, which is also involved in the export of agricultural products from the ports of Ukraine, “says in the message.

The Russians called the attacks “terrorist actions of the Kiev regime”, and also recalled the suspension of their participation in the “grain deal” in October 2022, when the port of Sevastopol was attacked by a drone .

Explosions in Sevastopol: what is known

Recall that on April 24,  loud explosions sounded in the occupied city , the Russian invaders announced that they had repulsed the attack of surface UAVs.

“Governor” Razvozhaev said that one drone was shot down by anti-submarine and sabotage defense forces, and the second allegedly exploded.

Ukraine has not officially confirmed the involvement of the UAV in the attack. The head of the Joint Coordinating Press Center of the Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine, Natalya Gumenyuk, stated the need to observe the regime of information silence .

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      • i hate Erniegan but he is definitely not Putin’s bottom bitch.
        He closed the Bosphorus, uses his Navy to escort Ukrainian ships and gave a lot of military assistance.

        Also, he allowed to shoot a Russian jet, something America or any other NATO member wouldn’t have done, even after Russia shot down a reaper.

        He may have saved Ukraine’s ass with the Bayraktar drones, that have destroyed entire columns of military hardware heading for Kyiv.

        Erdogan is undoubtedly a goat fucking arsehole, but I don’t care about goats or Turks as long as he helps Ukraine.

        Especially because he is a bit of a loony, he is unpredictable and that works very well with Putin.

        Putin doesn’t dare to end the grain deal, as he has no clue how Erdogan will respond.

        • Erdogoon refused to impose sanctions on RuSSia, illegally sold ukrainian grain, flooded Europe with ‘refugees’ and sabotaged Sweden’s efforts to join NATO. He can go fuck himself!

          • Well yes and no.
            He refused sanctions, probably because of the deplorable state of the Turkish economy.

            But: Turkey still unofficially blocks certain goods and they are mostly benefiting from buying oil below cost prize. Domestically he benefits because economic sanctions while the economy is in the sewer are not going to be popular among voters.

            But this way Russia pumps up oil at a loss while Turkey can get it cheap.

            About refugees: he mostly used it as a weapon to get money from the EU.

            There are still millions of refugees in Turkish camps and roaming freely that he is not allowing to get into the EU.

            There is a reason most refugees come from Libya to Italy or Greece even though Syria directly borders Turkey and Turkey borders the EU.

            Erdogan still mostly abides by the agreements with the EU and I think the Turkish borders are among the tightest.

            I actually think Erdogan prevented millions of refugees coming to the EU.

            Also, he did a lot of anti-Russian things. He ended Russian influence in Armenia by attacking the Russian/Armenian satellite state in Azerbaijan, he prevented the Russians / Wagner and Haftar to take Libya and is directly fighting Russia in Northern-Syria, even though both Russia and Turkey pretend that they are not.

            As I said, he is an opportunistic goat fucker, don’t get me wrong.

            But if he really was pro-Russian, he would have never signed the agreement to let Finland join NATO, as that was basically Russia’s biggest fear.

            Sweden does not really border Russia and without going to Finland Russia cannot do any serious harm to Sweden. Also, the UK has promised to protect Sweden until it joins NATO.

            Erdogan just tried to squeeze the absolute maximum out of it. He could have even demanded a lot more for allowing Finland to join, but he knew that Finland was really in some danger so he did not try to exploit this.

            But he can really make Sweden go on its knees without really endangering anyone, as de facto Sweden is already covered by article 5 and has nothing to fear.

            Yes, Erdogan is a horrible person, he kills Kurds like there is no tomorrow and he abuses his position where he can, but he does support Ukraine: he gave advanced drones and long range missiles right from the start and is probably among the 3 largest military aid providers, but diplomatically he maintains strategic ambiguity.

            Erdogan is a dictator, so if he didn’t want to help Ukraine he wouldn’t have done so.

            Probably not because he likes Ukraine so much, but because Russia is messing with his plans in the Caucasus, Syria and Northern-Africa, while he considers Crimean Tatars to be Turks.

            And if he can help Ukraine defeat Russia he will definitely do so, because that will make Turkey a regional superpower.

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