Only one president to join Putin at Moscow Victory Day parade

24 APRIL 2023

Only one president, Kyrgyzstan’s Sadyr Japarov, has agreed to join Putin at the Victory Day parade in Moscow on 9 May. 

Source: Russian state-owned news agency RIA Novosti, citing Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov.

Quote: “There were no special invitations this year – it is not a milestone anniversary. On the eve [of 9 May – ed.] this year, President Japarov of Kyrgyzstan will pay a visit [to Russia – ed.], and, being here the day before, he has decided to stay for the parade and share our pride in Victory Day.”

Details: Peskov also said that Putin will “definitely give a speech” during the parade. 


  • A number of Victory Day parades involving military vehicles have been cancelled in 2023, and the Immortal Regiment march has been scrapped. 
  • During the 2022 parade in Moscow, the aviation part of the event was cancelled.

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  1. “Only one president, Kyrgyzstan’s Sadyr Japarov, has agreed to join Putin at the Victory Day parade in Moscow on 9 May.”

    Was he bribed? Was he threatened? Can’t imagine that it’s his conviction.

  2. Trump will also be there, but the Lame Street Media is not recognising him as a true President.

    We all know that the elections were rigged because of Dominion and of course the mail voting. Officially Biden won with 51.3% of the votes, but truly well-informed people like Carlson know that Trump won with 107,4% of the votes.

    The Lame Street Media is hiding from all of you that our Lord and Savoir and the only Democratically elected POTUS will be attending this GLORIUS Victory Parade.

    Trump is a true WINNER, unlike SLEEPY Joe Biden and of course goes to the Victory Parade, but the SLEAZY Left does not want you to know.

    Because of their TDS they cannot accept Trump to be victorious, but fortunately Red Square Maidan and me know better. We don’t watch the MainStream Media but only the most watched channel in the U.S. as we are very sceptical people that do not take everything at face value.

    They are not FOOLING me anymore, I will just watch a livestream from RT and I will see Trump shining like no one has shined before.

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