From the FB page; Ukrainian Nationalists (українські націоналісти)

April 25

Let him hang it right here! ) So to remember 😉🇺🇦. This is a map as of 1918, Ukraine

Comment from Yaroslav Stetsenko:

I think the borders will return to 1918! This is somewhere more plus 35% of Ukraine’s territory!!!

Думаю що кордони України вернуться до 1918 року! Це десь ще плюс 35%тереторії України!!!


  1. In those days, Ukraine stretched from the Danube Delta almost to Sukhumi and Georgia stretched from Sukhumi to Trabzon.
    This restoration should be the just outcome of putler’s Holocaust.

    • I believe the Moskali referred to it as “historical reunification”? The world would be safer if Ukraine bordered Georgia…again. The Moskali have no business except death in the Black Sea anyway.

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