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Maryna Chekh has been banned from LinkedIn only because she was informing about the full scale war of aggression against her country, her family and her future.

She was able to connect with more than 13000 users on this platform and for that reason she was targeted by the FSB.

LinkedIn allows that, it’s not fair at all and we ask for a fast reinstation of the profile.

#future #russiantrolls #FSB

Alessio Rebola is the organiser of this page. Today he posts :

‼️ We are approaching the iconic battle, when it starts is a mystery, – Budanov…

▪️If you take a football analogy, now is 72-75 minutes.
▪️To reach the borders of 1991 is quite an achievable task this year. Sufficient volumes of territory will be returned by force during the counteroffensive.
▪️If we enter Crimea, there will be no nuclear strike.
▪️Crimea is part of the territory of Ukraine, without the return of Crimea the situation will not end.


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  1. Over all, it’s been a total disgrace how our social media platforms have acted. There is something seriously wrong with them. They would be the first to get banished if we had a regime like in mafia land. Don’t they know this?

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