A Ukrainian company is developing a massive kamikaze drone with a range of 750 km

The Ukrainian company One Way Aerospace is developing a new kamikaze drone AQ-400 Scythe.

This is reported by  the Industrial Portal , with reference to the company’s message .

This one-off UAV is designed for rapid and mass production. This is the culmination of the company’s development in the direction of providing strategic opportunities at the lowest prices.

With its twin wings and square fuselage, the Scythe combines a small logistical footprint with a large payload bay. The launch is carried out through a short runway or with the help of a catapult. According to the manufacturer, preparation and take-off take minutes.

“Compare the Scythe to any long-range payload delivery system available today and see for yourself how radical this system is and how strategic opportunities have never been more accessible,” the developers write.


  • Cruising speed: 144 km/h;
  • Range: up to 750 km;
  • UAV wingspan: 2.3 m;
  • UAV take-off weight: 100 kg;
  • Weight of the warhead: 32 kg (can be increased to 70 kg by reducing the range).



  1. This will be a valuable tool that can be mass produced at low cost. I’m sure the AFU will give the rashists fiery hell with them. 😎👍

  2. Very nice! With such a range, the targets in mind are the orc capital and the Kerch Bridge.

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