“We honestly said what and for whom we are fighting”: Lavrov at the UN issued a new tirade about the goals of the war

Violetta Orlova18:38, 24.04.23

The Russian minister spoke again about NATO and the “Kiev regime.”

On Monday, April 24, 2023, the UN Security Council meeting is chaired by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov . During his speech, he once again named the “goals” of the war that Russia unleashed against Ukraine.

“To eliminate the threats to our security created by NATO for years directly on our borders and to protect people who have been deprived of their rights by the multilateral conventions, to protect them from direct threats of extermination and expulsion from the territories where their ancestors lived for centuries. We honestly said , for what and for whom we are fighting,” a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Lavrov also did not disregard the United States and the European Union.

“Against the backdrop of the hysteria whipped up by the United States and the European Union, I would like to ask in contrast: what did Washington and NATO do in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya? Were there threats to their security, their culture, their religion, their languages? What multilateral norms did they guided by declaring the independence of Kosovo in violation of the principles of the OSCE and destroying the stable, economically prosperous states of Iraq and Libya, located 10,000 miles from the American coast?” he added.

https://www.unian.net/player/ku5EK5waLavrov at the UN named the goals of the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine

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  1. All of this would sound more plausible Lavrov, if you attacked NATO, and not a small defenseless country, that had no intention of attacking your country.

    • “to protect people who have been deprived of their rights by the multilateral conventions”

      Problem is, no one fucking asked for your protection. Especially those in Ukraine that know exactly what your “protection” means; slavery.

  2. INVASION of another PEACEFUL country, is NOT excusable here. In OTHER situations, there may a credible reason. Such as the rampant illicit drug production and distribution coming in from Mexico, which is not being stopped by their government. I see that as a legitimate threat to the United States, where so many Mexican drugs leave addicts dying in the streets. But russia doesn’t even have that. I certainly wouldn’t put it past russian mobsters to try peddling their shit to lure Ukrainians into addiction. No, I think the trident fending off the bear is perfectly acceptable here, and the longer that the bear roars, the more justifiable it is to stab the beast before it tries to kill again.

  3. The only ones taking note what the horse neighs about would be the usual shit nuggets, like Orban, Xi, the N. Korean fat boy, the Mullahs and so on.

  4. What they are supposedly fighting doesn’t exist in Ukraine either. It does exist in Lavrov’s country.

    There was no excuse for what Clinton did in Kosovo. There is also no excuse for Putin did in Chechnya, Georgia, or Ukraine.

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