Ukrainians built a plant for the production of Sherp all-terrain vehicles in Turkey (video)

Yuri Kobzar17:39, 24.04.23

The new all-terrain vehicle has already been presented to the public.

The Ukrainian company Sherp , which specializes in the production of unique all-terrain vehicles, has completed the construction of its own plant in Turkey. This is reported by the Turkish edition of the Daily Sabah .

The company announced plans to start its own production in the Turkish province of Bursa eight months ago. The official opening is scheduled for April 26. And already in May, mass production of a new all-terrain vehicle model, YETX, will start here.

This model is designed for complex terrain. The machine is able to easily overcome obstacles up to a meter high and work on steep slopes – up to 35 degrees.

YETX is particularly suitable for search and rescue operations, forest fire suppression and emergency services in hard-to-reach areas. Mining and energy companies can also use this technique in their activities. vehicle YETX

Ukrainian-Turkish technical cooperation

In March, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan showed off a new Bayraktar Kızılelma unmanned fighter jet , which is powered by Ukrainian engines from Motor Sich. Flight tests of this machine took place last fall.

Also, Turkey is currently building a corvette for Ukraine . The hull of the ship and the main components will be manufactured by a Turkish shipyard, but most of the internal stuffing should be made by Ukrainian enterprises.

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