The road from Lviv to the border with Poland will be repaired and expanded

Another lane will be built on the international highway in Lviv region, leading to the border with the European Union.

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It is about the section of highway M-09 from Lviv to Rava-Ruska. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will provide the money for the construction. Accordingly, the traffic in this area will be reorganized.

As reported by the Service for Reconstruction and Development of Infrastructure of Lviv Region, the road from the regional center to the border will be overhauled and an additional, third lane will be built along almost the entire length of the road. This will help partially solve the problem of traffic jams in the direction of the border, where trucks often block traffic.

“Due to the blocking of sea transportation, the concentration of logistics on highways and, accordingly, a significant increase in traffic flow on the roads of the western region, there was an urgent need to widen the road. Oleg Bereza, head of the Service for Reconstruction and Development of Infrastructure in the Lviv Oblast, explained the increase in road traffic on the approach to the Rava-Ruska-Grebenne checkpoint.

Now the road has two lanes. Due to the congestion of the road, trucks occupy not only the kilometer section of the direct approach to the customs office in Ravi-Ruska, but also often the right lane of the carriageway, which significantly complicates movement, leads to blockages and traffic jams in the city. Last year, a platform was built on the side of the highway for the parking of heavy vehicles, but this did not completely solve the existing problems.

During the capital repair of the Lviv – Rava-Ruska road, it is planned to build an additional traffic lane with a change of direction outside the population centers; lay a new asphalt concrete surface with preliminary strengthening of the base, equip the roadsides and repair all artificial structures. Rainwater drainage, sidewalks, lighting, and public transport stops will be installed on the route within the population centers.

On the Lviv-Zhovkva section, where the traffic intensity reaches 19,000 cars per day, a safety island is planned, where a barrier will be installed to separate oncoming traffic.

“The construction of the additional lane will be outside the population centers. Sidewalks allow us to do this. An additional lane will be arranged with a change of direction: on separate sections, a lane will be arranged alternately, partially in one direction, partially in another. It is not planned to buy out private plots within the settlements. The arrangement of bicycle paths along the route is also being discussed,” the press service of the Service for the Reconstruction and Development of the Infrastructure of the Lviv region clarified.

Capital repair of the M09 highway section from Lviv to Rava-Ruska will be financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. It is planned to complete the development of the project by the end of spring.


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  1. That’s a very sensible and necessary measure. But, maybe the M-10 would be even more important to fix.

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