Russian Military to Apply Toy Tanks Against the Leopard 2 And Abrams

The next russian decision may turn out to be an ordinary recycled AliExpress toy

In one of its news reports, the russian media talked about one of its drone training centers, which operates on the territory of the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk Oblast: it tells, in particular, how russians conduct training for FPV drones, reconnaissance drone operators, and so on.

In addition to unmanned aerial vehicles, they also talk about another development, which is described as “a combat variant capable of delivering a powerful projectile”, in other words it’s a robotic kamikaze ground platform, which in the comments already nicknamed the “toy KV-1”.

This kamikaze robot is essentially a robotic platform on a tracked chassis: according to the developers, it can carry 15-20 kg of explosives and striking elements, and was completely 3D-printed.

But if one looks carefully at this ground drone, then two towing forms can be seen. The first thing to ask is why spend time on printing a non-functional element, which in practice will have a purely decorative role?

As Defense Express already mentioned above, in the comments to this video they have already joked about “toy KV-1”, and in fact it is not for nothing, since everything looks like russians are using an ordinary Chinese toy tank with a camera and stuffed with explosives inside.

And this is a very realistic option, taking into account how the occupiers pass off other people’s systems as their achievements. Defense Express reminds a recent example of their “own development”, which a russian developer actually simply resells from another country.

There are also serious doubts about the declared 15-20 kg of payload: it seems that if you stuff this toy tank with so much explosives, it simply will not be able to move, if it withstands such a load at all.


  1. The main weapon supplier to the No2 military in Ukraine is Ali Express. What an achievement by the mafia state, not that these toys will ever see, or get close enough to any tank.

  2. You can’t make this shit up … really! Next, a shopping tour at the local Toys R Us for slingshots, squirt guns and pool noodles..

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