Peskov answered how many twins and bunkers Putin has

Yuri Kobzar20:09, 24.04.23

Putin’s behavior at public events is often so different that it looks like a split personality.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is mega-active, so he does not sit in a bunker and does not use the services of doubles at public events. This was stated by the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, quoted by TASS .

“You have probably heard that Putin has a lot of doubles working instead of him while he is sitting in a bunker. Another lie. You see what kind of president we have. “We can hardly keep up with him – those who work alongside him. One can only envy his energy, one can only wish his health to himself,” Peskov said.

The speaker, the dictator, emphasized separately that the Russian dictator never sat “in any bunkers.” According to him, this information is “an absolute lie.”

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  1. I’m surprised that Pest-cough came crawling out of putler’s anus long enough to utter all of this bullshit.

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