Partisans attacked the checkpoint of the occupiers in Aleshki – CNS

Yuri Kobzar21:46, 04/24/23

It is reported about a strike on a group of Russian guards who served in the occupied part of the Kherson region.

Ukrainian partisans attacked a Russian checkpoint near the occupied city of Aleshki in the Kherson region. This was reported by the partisan movement “ATESH” , which operates in the region. 

On April 23, 2023, at about 21:00, an ATESH agent carried out sabotage at an important facility for the Rashists near a checkpoint near the settlement of Alyoshki, which led to losses among the Russians. , the message says.

As specified in the Center for National Resistance , the checkpoint was located near a “military infrastructure facility.” They also claim that as a result of the attack, allegedly “a detachment of Russian guardsmen who were on duty was liquidated.”

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