Occupiers register 14-year-olds in Zaporizhzhia for military service

24.04.2023 19:21

In the temporarily occupied territories of Zaporizhzhia, Russian invaders are transferring the data of 14-year-old children to the unified military registration register of the Russian Federation.

The Mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov said this on Telegram, Ukrinform reports.

“At first, the occupiers took control of children who were about to turn fourteen: they wanted to hand them Russian passports. Now they are transferring data from the Kremlin’s voter register, which includes 14-year-old children, to Russia’s so-called unified military registration register. In the future, they want to hand over electronic summonses to the military registration and enlistment office,” noted Fedorov.

He emphasized that children under occupation are under particular threat. The occupiers are zombifying them from an early age “to grow slaves and future cannon fodder.”

As Ukrinform reported, the Russians have created an electronic register of persons liable for military service and will distribute electronic summonses in the temporarily occupied territories of Zaporizhzhia region. To avoid this, more than 2000 people left Melitopol.



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