Like a hot knife through butter

From the LinkedIn page of Shaun Topham. (Ex RN).

One type of LinkedIn post that I get a lot of encouragement from is those that announce the latest batch of weapons or aid that the democratic world has sent to Ukraine. It is heart-warming to see how many countries have provided tangible support for Ukraine. So, here’s my latest contribution to that encouragement:

The UK recently provided significant amounts of Depleted Uranium (DU) munition to Ukraine, which is terrible news for Z and their allies. Destroying a tank isn’t merely about how fast the shell is travelling; it’s all about how it concentrates its force, its mass. That is why the DU munition looks more like a pointed dart than a conventional shell.
Uranium is an extremely dense metal, the heaviest natural element on earth and incredibly hard. It is the by-product that atomic scientists are left with after they’ve put the heavy metal through the enrichment process needed to produce nuclear weapons. It is not classified as a nuclear weapon by the United Nations, so it is not a ‘dirty bomb’ as the Z have falsely claimed. The real reason they are so upset is that DU munitions were developed during the Cold War specifically to destroy the type of T-60 to T-90M tanks that Z is still relying upon.

DU is a highly-effective offensive weapon because, even if tanks are dug-in, in defensive positions, the DU munitions can penetrate positions protected by earth and sandbags. The phrase ‘Like a hot knife through butter’ has never been more appropriate. So, this is great news for the Ukrainian counteroffensive that will drive the Z’s completely out of Crimea over the next few months.

Here’s how DU munitions work:

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