Ukrainian forces push back Russians from some positions in Bakhmut region’s “Road of life”

The Ukrainian military has occupied part of the Russian positions in the “road of life” area of Bakhmut.

Soldiers from the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade’s 1st Assault Battalion carried out the combat mission.

The brigade states that more than 30 soldiers of the Russian invasion forces have been eliminated.

The Ukrainian army officer with the call sign “Magyar” added that the battle took place at the height of “Khromove” on April 22.

“There is a soldier with the call sign “Horynia” with his comrades in the frame; the third assault company of the first assault battalion of the famous 3rd Separate Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. A dozen were eliminated, the other worms escaped,” said “Magyar”.

The released video features Ukrainian attack aircraft entering the Russian trenches and eliminating the invaders at close range.

It is worth noting that the Khromove settlement is located near an important road near the city of Bakhmut.

The Russian servicemen are constantly searching the city with various types of weapons and trying to seize the road to the village of Khromove.

“The enemy continues to conduct offensive actions in the Bakhmut direction. Fierce fighting continues for the city of Bakhmut. Also, during the past day, our defenders repelled enemy attacks in the area of the Khromove settlement,” the Ukrainian General Staff has stated recently.

Bakhmut’s “road of life”

On this part of the frontline, the Russians are losing many soldiers, says Yuriy Syrotyuk “Mamai”, a soldier of the 5th Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“The enemy is not able to conduct an attack along the entire front line. He gropes, looks for a weak spot, concentrates and attacks from there. He either attacks the central part of the city, where he also has huge problems. In the last few days, he tried to attack from the northern direction, from the Khromovoy side, he also suffered heavy losses and was repulsed,” adds the soldier.

Soldiers of the 1st assault battalion of the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade. April 2023. Ukraine. Photo from the Brigade’s page

As previously reported, last month, servicemen of the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade also conducted another successful operation in the direction of Bakhmut and neutralized a couple of dozen invaders.


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