The Polish Foreign Ministry criticized Germany’s statements about the “open door to NATO” for Ukraine

Anastasia Pechenyuk13:17, 04/23/23

Poland stands for the rapid entry of Ukraine into the Alliance, seeing this as a guarantee of security for itself.

If Germany had not tried to delay Ukraine’s entry into the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) , there would be no war today, Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Piotr Wawrzyk said in a PAP commentary.

“If Germany had not calculated, as it is now, if it had not tried to delay Ukraine’s entry into the North Atlantic Alliance, if Ukraine had been invited to the Alliance many years ago in Munich, there would be no war in Ukraine today. It is known that the countries of Western Europe, France and Germany in general have always been against Ukraine’s entry into the European Union or the North Atlantic Alliance… In our opinion, the sooner this happens, the better, because it will guarantee the security of not only Ukraine and Poland, but the entire region,” Wawrzyk said.

Referring to the words of German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius that now is “not the time to make decisions” and that it is necessary to act not out of solidarity, but “with a cool head and a warm heart,” Wawrzyk noted: “The question is when for these” cold-blooded ” the time will come? Five, ten or thirty years after the war?”. 

According to Wawrzyk, the position expressed by the German minister may actually delay Ukraine’s entry into NATO, since unanimity is necessary when a new country is admitted to the Alliance.

Ukraine’s accession to NATO – latest news

NATO has repeatedly declared its readiness to accept Ukraine into the Alliance after the end of a full-scale war. In particular, such a position was voiced by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Thursday during his first visit to Ukraine during a full-scale war. He re-voiced it on Friday before the meeting of the Ukrainian Contact Group in Ramstein, Germany.

However, not all countries in the Alliance are optimistic. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban reacted critically to Stoltenberg’s words. And German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius ruled out a speedy decision on Ukraine’s NATO membership, saying that “the door is wide open, but now is not the time to make decisions.” 

President Volodymyr Zelensky reiterated Ukraine’s position that Kyiv expects partners to provide security guarantees before becoming a NATO member.

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  1. Poland is one of Ukraine’s staunchest supporters. Acting out of self-interest as well as altruism, the time is right for them to go a step further: send a division of troops to help defend Lviv oblast; thus freeing off more Ukrainian troops to go to the front line.
    Who knows, such an action might shame other countries, such as the Budapest signatories, to do the same?

    • You must possess honor to feel shame, Scradge, and both Germany and France don’t have any.

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