“Received with horror”: France reacted to the scandal of the Chinese ambassador about the Crimea

Veronika Prokhorenko13:40, 04/23/23

The day before, the Chinese ambassador to France caused a diplomatic scandal over the phrase that Crimea may not belong to Ukraine territorially.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has finally reacted to the scandalous words of the Chinese Ambassador Lu Chaye , who represents the Chinese Foreign Ministry in Paris. 

Recall that on the eve of the official caused a diplomatic scandal, saying that the Crimea may not belong to Ukraine territorially. The French Foreign Ministry noted that they were “horrified” by the corresponding statement, writes Le Figaro . 

They called on China to explain whether such words reflect the country’s general position or whether it is Lu Shaye’s own opinion. Paris hopes that China still has other views.

The publication also recalled that the territory of Ukraine within the borders of 1991, together with the Crimea, was officially recognized by all UN countries, including China. 

The publication indicates that at the moment the behavior of Chinese leader Xi Jinping is difficult to interpret unambiguously. In more than a year of full-scale war, he still has not held talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, despite calls to that effect.

However, the PRC leader has already managed to visit Moscow, thus confirming his intentions to continue partnership with dictator Vladimir Putin, writes Le Figaro. 

China’s ambassador to France sparks diplomatic row

Recall that on April 22, Chinese Ambassador to France Lou Shaye questioned the sovereignty of the former Soviet republics , saying that the territories of such countries do not have an appropriate status in international law. He separately noted that the question of whether Crimea belongs to Ukraine depends on the perception of the situation.

Ukrainian Ambassador to France Vadim Omelchenko immediately reacted to this statement. According to him, Lou Shaye seems to have suspicious geography problems. After all, his words contradict the official diplomatic position of the PRC. 

Also, the former countries of the USSR, in particular Estonia, were outraged by this statement. 

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