“Putin is our ruler”: in the Pochaev Lavra they gave out that “God” is bombing Ukraine (video)Marta Gichko

According to representatives of the UOC-MP, rockets fall on peaceful cities because of the “wrath of God.”

In the Pochaev Lavra, subordinate to the UOC-MP , dictator Vladimir Putin was called “their ruler.” Moreover, they said that it was not Russia, but “God” that was launching missiles at Ukraine.

According to Hromadske , two representatives of the Lavra said that Russian missiles are falling on peaceful cities of Ukraine because of the “wrath of God” because of “lawlessness and disobedience to power.”

Separately, they “glorified” Putin, calling him “their ruler.” But they suddenly forgot the name of the Ukrainian leader.

“This is our ruler… But what about? His Holiness the Patriarch and Putin, and in Kievan Rus – Zelenkovsky (probably the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky – UNIAN). And Michael the Archangel said: obey the authorities. If they do not obey the authorities … Yanukovych was – “we don’t want him”, children are so small on the Maidan… I don’t even want to say. You’re a child, and you’re going against the authorities,” said the representatives of the UOC-MP.

Both women began to convince that the peaceful cities of Ukraine were being destroyed allegedly not on Putin’s orders.

“This is God (launches rockets – UNIAN). Do you know what kind of arrows he can send for lawlessness? How can angels send arrows such that the whole world can take off. For lawlessness, for disobedience, for disobedience to authority. Who wants what he does. Children protest against Yanukovych,” the woman said.

According to one of the women, it was God who authorized Putin to attack Ukraine.

“God has given Putin the right. From God, power has been set, Michael the Archangel said so,” the representative of the UOC-MP issued.

In the Pochaev Lavra, they said that rockets in Ukraine are launched by God

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  1. I would be willing to bet a dollar that these two tree branches speak the Invader’s language. Behold the power propaganda has on people when it is cloaked in religious robes. Pochaiv is in Western Ukraine too. I’ve been inside and after Soviet times the filth refused to leave. Even before that the KGB has sent their agents to Pochaiv and Kremenets to repopulate the area and take it over even after Ukrainians and Poles have built the church over the course of 800 years.

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