Ukrainian Soldier Fends Off Russian Attack in Incredible 11 Minute Video

By Brendan Cole

Dramatic footage purportedly shows troops from a Ukrainian corps fighting Russian soldiers in close combat.

The video apparently shows the exploits of the “Da Vinci Wolves”, a battalion of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps which is integrated into the Ukrainian army.

The caption at the start of the 11-minute clip says “Defending Ukraine’s ‘Road of Life’, the last road out of Bakhmut,” a route that goes to nearby Chasiv Yar and is a critical supply route for Ukraine’s troops and supplies.

To the sound of gunfire with smoke visible in the distance, a soldier’s helmet-cam shows him moving into a bunker where other troops are waiting. “What’s up guys?” he asks.

The cameraman is believed to be the squad leader codenamed ‘Tihiy” and he is told that one of their comrades had been killed. “Rest in peace,'” he tells his squad mates, who respond by saying, “Yes brother, that’s how it is in war.”

The video then shows a grenade going off nearby and a soldier called Lekha being blasted off his feet and falling onto his stomach. Lekha lets his comrades know he is uninjured as his unit gets out of the bunker and into position.

In the next frame, someone shouts, “the orcs have jumped into the trenches,” using the derogatory term from The Lord of the Rings to describe Russian soldiers. The video then shows the soldier jumping out and apparently firing at the enemy.

With seemingly little cover, they fight back the advancing Russians on the battlefield, taking positions around the bunker and gunning down targets. “I’ve killed all the orcs, take the positions outside,” one of the troops is heard saying.

Artillery shells explode at several points. A Russian soldier throws a grenade at the trench, and Ukrainian soldiers respond with gunfire while other Russian troops crawl away. A Russian soldier can be seen rolling on the ground, appearing injured.

The undated video spurred praise for the unit’s leader. “He instantly reacts and moves. His aggression takes down the initial enemy charge, and then he leads his men into proper defensive action,” one social media user wrote under the clip which had received 716,000 views on YouTube as of Saturday.

Along with the video, Twitter user NOËL, who tweets about the war, wrote, “HONOR company, part of the Da Vinci wolves battalion at work. Literally all Russian assault infantry men were destroyed. West of Bakhmut. Ukrainian troops completely outskill Russian troops.”

Russia is said to have suffered huge losses in the battle for the Donetsk town which has been ongoing for months. On Saturday, Russia’s Defense Ministry, which Newsweek has contacted for comment, said its forces had captured another three districts in the town.


  1. Amazing video. The guy leading the troops, ‘Tihiy” is one hell of a leader. I know nothing about military matters, but I say this guy certainly knows how to kill orcs.

    • The usually well informed Svitlana Moronets in the Speccie yesterday said ;
      “Wagner Group mercenaries are slowly advancing in Bakhmut, capturing building after building. British intelligence says that Russia is diverting resources from its regular army to the Bakhmut sector. For Vladimir Putin, the city must fall before a Victory Day Parade in Moscow on 9 May. Ukrainian troops were fighting along the railway line, while the Russians crossed it in the north and south. At the moment, Ukraine holds a military unit and several high-rise blocks in the west of Bakhmut – but this represents less than 20 per cent of the city. The soldiers place mines in buildings as they retreat and detonate them remotely when Russians approach. And both sides have reportedly begun relying heavily on reconnaissance drones to target artillery fire, and jammers to confuse the opponent’s navigation systems.

      Russian troops are slowly advancing on Avdiivka, which lies to the north of Donetsk city (as shown in the map below). From February, the city became another dangerous destination on the frontline. So far, Russian troops have had success on both flanks, while journalists and volunteers have been banned from entering the city. Mobile connection in the area was shut down at the end of March. Roughly 1,800 civilians, many of whom refused to evacuate, are stuck watching their homes being destroyed by Russian bombs. But Avdiivka is still far from being surrounded. Both British and Ukrainian military experts have warned that the city ‘may become the second Bakhmut’ – but it’s unlikely that it will fall before Bakhmut is captured.”

      If these two cities are lost to putinazi vermin, the rat Nazi will be crowing.
      It will be proof the total failure of “trickle down” weapons supplies.
      With long range fires, the defenders could have driven the orcs out long ago.
      And they simply must have them to retake Crimea.

  2. I wish Uktaine would hire me as their military commander, i would liberate Ukraine, including Crimea, in no time. I have useful knowledge. Anyway, RuSSia can’t win.

      • I changed my mind? I simply think that the pros should do the job, not israeli-tatar sponsored clowns. Zaluzny is a capable commander, but oligarchy and corruption continue to compromise Ukraine’s efficiency. How could the ruSSians capture Kherson although Ukraine was aware of the threat six month before???

        • I was surprised by that too, and there were still many collaborators in Odesa and Kharkiv too. I have a lot of faith in the SBU but I think a lot of the corruption was regional.

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