Relatives of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine took to the protests in Kryvyi Rih: what they demand (photo)

Violetta Orlova15:50, 22.04.23

Many dead, many shell-shocked who refuse to be treated, a local volunteer told about the situation in the brigade.

Relatives of the wounded soldiers from the 129th Terodefense Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine went to a rally in Krivoy Rog. They say that “wounded soldiers are not taken out of their positions”, they talk about “unsatisfactory conditions of service” in the brigade, ” Suspilne ” reports.

Journalists write that the protesters blocked the roadway. In particular, the brigade command is accused of inadequate provision of the fighters who are sent to “zero”.

Volunteer Viktor Mironov, in a comment to Suspilny, said that, together with his colleagues, he brought help to the fighters of the 129th brigade. “The situation is very difficult. We do not have enough cars to import 200s, we do not have enough medicines, equipment. There are many dead, many shell-shocked who are refused to be treated. We want to know why our guys are without artillery support, without drones, without night thermal imagers, although , according to the documents, they are,” he said.

Photo: Suspіlne Dnipro
Photo: Suspіlne Dnipro

Representatives of local authorities, in particular Alexander Vilkul, and the military command of the brigade refused to communicate with the protesters and journalists. The protesters were offered to apply to the military prosecutor’s office with a collective statement that the property transferred from the Defense Council did not reach the servicemen.

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  1. Putin and Zelensky both don’t give a shit about their people. Both want to be victors, supperheroes. Although i keep praying for a ukrainian victory, i can’t wait for the day when Zelensky is finally replaced by Yulia or Petro for good.

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