Chinese Ambassador to France disgraced by statement on Ukraine and ran into a harsh response

Anastasia Gorbacheva16:09, 22.04.23

Ukrainian diplomat Vadim Omelchenko recalled that “the Soviet empire no longer exists.”

Chinese Ambassador to France Lou Shaye questioned the sovereignty of the former Soviet republics, including Ukraine. Ukrainian diplomat Vadim Omelchenko responded harshly to the attack of his Chinese colleague.

Thus, a Beijing official said that the former Soviet countries “do not have an effective status in international law” because there is no corresponding international agreement that would ratify their status. 

In addition, he said that the issue of Crimea “depends on how the problem is perceived,” adding that “it is not so simple,” and the peninsula was “Russian from the beginning.

Ukrainian Ambassador to France Vadym Omelchenko reacted to the scandalous statements of the Chinese diplomat. He suggested that the Beijing representative had problems with geography.

“Either there are obvious problems with geography. Or such statements run counter to the position of the Chinese capital “regarding efforts to restore peace in Ukraine on the basis of international law and the purposes and principles of the UN Charter,” Omelchenko wrote on his Twitter account .

At the same time, he pointed out that the question “To whom does Crimea belong?”, as always, turned out to be indicative. He also added that “the Soviet empire no longer exists, and history moves on.”

“Next time, it would be good to expand it with the question “Who owns Vladivostok?” There is no room for ambiguity here. Crimea is Ukraine,” the Ukrainian diplomat said.

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  1. Expert in lying and deceptions. Politic with variable geometry.
    Exactly like the Moscovites: they superimpose their narratives on a twisted History and fabric new “realities”.
    They can invent anything to justify that Taiwan is their!

    • Same silly (02.2023):

      LC: The Chinese government’s position on the Ukraine crisis remains consistent. In our view, the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries must be respected.
      Journalist: Including Ukraine?
      LC: Yes. And the Charter of the United Nations must always present itself.

  2. Ukrainska Pravda: “The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will summon the Chinese ambassador to seek clarification on comments made by a Chinese diplomat in France about the sovereignty of Estonia and other countries of the former Soviet Union.”

    Is it appropriate to summon these bastards again and again to discuss the basics of international relations?

  3. Don’t buy Made in China – aka cheap clothes, electronic devices and canned food. End of story.

  4. The chink education system is not very good, is it? This ambassador is dumber than a doorknob.

    • Of course, once again, we have commies using the word “belongs” when speaking about foreign land. Belong infers ownership. Since we do not own people they must be referring to the land…but the land is “owned” by the people. In other words, no foreign power can “own” foreign land. They can join another foreign power but joining is not done by force. Commies need to learn that one way or another.

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