“We need to deal with them”: an angry Soloviev called for the “denazification” of the Baltic states

Marta Gichko18:16, 04/21/23

The Kremlin mouthpiece was angered by the fact that Latvia was banned from celebrating May 9th.

Top Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov said that the Baltic countries should also be “denazified”. This will happen after they “finish with Ukraine”, or in parallel with it.

The Kremlin mouthpiece was seriously angered that Latvia was officially banned from celebrating May 9th. He stated that this decision was made by the “Nazis”, so they should be “denazified”.

“What I am sure of is that when we finish the “denazification” of Ukraine, we need to take care of the Baltics. Perhaps we don’t even need to wait for the end of the “denazification” of Ukraine, because what these “Nazis” allowed themselves when they forbid celebrating on May 9…” the propagandist said on the air of his program.

https://www.unian.net/player/e2dgc44RSolovyov said that the Baltic states should be denazified after Ukraine

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  1. Does that mean all places that ban May 9th celebrations are nazis? So Crimea, and cities in russia on the border are all run by nazis then. Sometimes it pays to think before spewing the verbal diarrohea.

  2. “The Kremlin mouthpiece was seriously angered that Latvia was officially banned from celebrating May 9th.”

    Soon, there will be a new May 9th, in which another evil fascist regime gets defeated. The one in mafia land.

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