The United States did not believe that Ukraine could keep Bakhmut, but the cunning tactics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine worked: the leak of secret documents revealed high-profile data


Back in January 2023, Washington sent several strong warnings to Kyiv that the Ukrainian army should move away from Bakhmut in the Donetsk region, as the defense of the city would not succeed. However, a few months later, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to courageously repulse the enemy, and Bakhmut remains an impregnable fortress for the invaders.

Such gloomy moods of the Pentagon became known, including from sensational documents “leaked” to the network, The Washington Post reports . In turn, Kyiv categorically rejected such a proposal from the United States, explaining the sacred value of Bakhmut.

“The defense of this city is necessary to maintain the national spirit and deprive Russia of the right to brag about any territorial acquisitions. Ukraine said that the protracted fighting in Bakhmut undermined the forces of Russia, many enemy soldiers were killed there, especially from the Wagner PMC mercenary group,” the publication reports. the position of the military leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ukrainian Colonel Pavlo Palisa said that the ability of the Defense Forces to hold parts of the city for months longer than expected was due to a combination of classic warfare and advanced drone reconnaissance, including multi-level signal suppression.

“The enemy is increasingly using jamming of our navigation systems. If we do not have eyes in the air, we will not be able to hit the enemy with artillery fire. We do not have many artillery shells. So our artillery fire must be accurate,” he stressed.

The leaked document also proposed to worsen the morale of Russian troops and encourage desertion through a “physiological operations campaign.” Another item urged Ukraine to strike large Russian forces with “advanced dual-use conventional munitions” — artillery and missiles, better known as cluster munitions — to counter the attacks.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, on April 8, The New York Times reported that a new portion of US documents, including secret ones, on Ukraine, China and the Middle East had appeared on the network . More than a hundred secret data could “leak” into the public domain.

At the same time, some of the US military documents leaked to the network did not pass the originality test – the White House called them a forgery. The verification is ongoing, what percentage has already been investigated is not specified.

The anti-Ukrainian Telegram channel Donbass Devushka played a leading role in distributing documents from the Pentagon leak . One of the channel’s administrators was former US Navy non-commissioned officer Sarah Beals.

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  1. Here, too, the Ukrainians have proven “better” militaries wrong. Bakhmut will go down in the annals of warfare as one of the greatest battles ever fought. It’s downright uncanny how the AFU keeps holding on to this scorched, wounded, burning, shredded piece of earth, and inflicting painful punishments on the hordes of orcs.

  2. The US should watch and learn. They are not the be all and end all of military strategists.

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