Russians Selling Property, Leaving Crimea En Masse

Men are the first to flee.


Russians in temporarily occupied Crimea are already fleeing to their homeland. In particular, there has been a mass exodus of men from the peninsula and sale of real estate.

This was reported by the speaker of the South Operational Command, Vladislav Nazarov. According to him, there is growing discontent among the population in Crimea due to an active mobilization campaign carried out by representatives of the occupation administrations.

Nazarov claims that there has been a significant increase in the number of people travelling to Russia by rail, night and reserve trains on the peninsula. Also, they are actively selling real estate on the peninsula and cancelling hotel reservations for summer vacations.

Moreover, according to the speaker, there has also been an increase in the part of the population that expresses skepticism about the course and results of the “special military operation”.

“As a result, the occupiers in Crimea have stepped up their ‘fight against extremism’,” the report says.

Nazarov adds that similar actions are confirmed by the Centre for National Resistance.


  1. The exodus from Crimea continues. Only fools and ass-givers will remain on the peninsula to face their fate once the offensive starts.

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