Medvedev came out of the “hangover”: he threatens to drown Britain in the depths of the sea, and to hold a parade in Berlin

Yana Stavskaya16:27, 21.04.23

Medvedev is hysterical that Germany is not against Ukrainian operations in Russia.

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev threatened to hold a “parade” of Russia in Berlin, reacting to the words of German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius , who called Ukraine’s operations in Russia “completely normal” in the light of Russian aggression.

“The German who wants an attack on Russia must be ready for the parade in Berlin,” RIA Novosti quotes the words of the Russian politician .

Medvedev also separately mentioned the UK, threatening to drown London in the “deep sea”. “Britain was, is and will be our eternal enemy. In any case, until their arrogant and disgustingly damp island goes into the abyss of the sea from the wave created by the latest Russian weapons system. Let it be, as the Beatles sang … “, – Medvedev, the former President of the Russian Federation, wrote on Telegram. 

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  1. The more that putinazi scum like Medvedev; a foul, puss-filled, preposterously tiny little troll creature btw, hates a country, entity or person, the more that the target of the poisonous, festering hatred is doing for Ukraine.
    We can refer to it as “Medvedev’s Law.”

  2. How can this garbage be so hysterical 24/24…
    He sleeps on shards of glass, drinks acid in the Morning?

    He threatens as he breathes! 🙂

  3. Seriously, now, nobody with a sane mind can take this clown for real. He’s like the old court jesters of medieval times; always making a fool of himself, always good for a few laughs.

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