There is no getting away from this. Putin proposed to bring back the term “pioneers” for use in Russia

Russian dictator putin suggested “thinking” about bringing the term “pioneers” back. This was reported by the kremlin press service.

As reported, putin made this proposal during a government meeting. Thus, he reacted to the report of Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova on the youth organization Movement of the First.

“Old or new, as it was, it still exists. There is no getting away from this. This title – unlike the Komsomol – the Communist Union of Youth – is devoid of any ideological background. Please think about this. Just think about it and consult with the others”, – the dictator said.

Putin was not even deterred by the fact that the children themselves chose Movement of the First as the name of the organization. At the same time, “pioneers” took fourth place in the vote – out of five options.

Earlier it was reported that mobilized occupiers from Perm (russia) received icons with putin’s face from the United Russia party.

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