There is already talk in earnest about sending T-34 tanks to the front

Belkovsky: Only ‘Old Ones’ Fighting In Russia


Russian political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky, who has left Russia, commented on rumors that factories in Russia are working “in three shifts” to produce weapons for the war against Ukraine in an interview with Dmitry Gordon, founder of the online publication

Dmitry Gordon

“They are increasing capacity, but the Russian industry cannot create any more or less high-quality products. And the sanctions policy only contributes to this, – a complete isolation. [Russian President] Vladimir Putin recently threatened that 1,600 tanks would enter service this year. They will enter, but they will be mostly T-54 and T-55 tanks (from the 1950s-1960s),” he said.

According to the political scientist, “they are already talking about the T-34 tank and in all seriousness.

“Only old ones are going into battle,” said Belkovsky in a sarcastic tone.

He believes that “since in principle it is psychologically comfortable for a person to believe what he wants to believe, the Russian leadership certainly believes that this work in three shifts gives some kind of result.”

“They convince themselves of that,” Belkovsky stressed.


  1. Well, why not? There are thousands of T-34s still standing around in museums and on pedestals. There are also muzzle-loading cannons still around, and muskets, and slingshots are easily made by even the drunkest cockroach.

  2. Due to sanctions, they are experiencing problems with optics and ball bearings.
    Their alternatives are China and Malaysia. But Chinese and Malaysian bearings generally are inferior to American or European .
    So maybe Russia eventually ramps up tank-production by swapping good bearings for bad bearings. Having also traded modern digital optics for inferior analog optics, these tanks might look like T-72BM3s or T-90Ms. But on the inside, where it really counts, they’re less capable and less durable.

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