The head of the department of the Odessa regional administration was caught with 40 thousand dollars in bribes: anti-corruption officials completed the investigation

The investigation against the deputy head of the department of the Odessa Regional Military Administration started.

He was caught while receiving a $40,000 bribe , the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office reported.

The materials of the criminal proceedings are open to the defense for review.

The pre-trial investigation established that the official demanded and actually received the first part of the unlawful benefit in the amount of $40,000 from a business entity for the lease of land plots in the region.

Let me remind you that the attacker was detained in February right in front of the administrative building on Shevchenko Avenue.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the official was caught red-handed – when receiving the first tranche of a bribe of $ 60,000, which the defendant demanded from representatives of the enterprise. For this, he promised to allocate land plots on the banks of the Danube in Reni with an area of ​​4 and 1 ha.

According to Dumskaya, we are talking about 46-year-old Serhiy Chukhriy, deputy head of one of the departments of the regional department of agrarian policy, food and land relations, who until 2013 worked in the State Service for Combating Economic Crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.



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