Russian Ka-52 “swimmed” in the Sea of ​​Azov: the corpse of one of the pilots washed ashore (video)

Yana Stavskaya21:19, 20.04.23

Probably the entire crew of the Russian Ka-52 was killed.

On April 20 , a Russian Ka-52 helicopter crashed in the occupied Kyrylivka, Zaporozhye region , one pilot was eliminated, Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov confirms and RIA Melitopol reports with reference to eyewitnesses.

“The beaches here are so attractive that even a rashist helicopter could not resist – and landed so hard that you can’t even collect parts. And the pilot literally lost his head from the beauty of the Azov coast. We like this holiday season. Let’s do it again,” Fedorov wrote .

The body of an enemy pilot was carried to the central beach of Kirillovka, RIA Melitopol informs .

According to eyewitnesses, two helicopters were circling over the sea in the area of ​​the Zolotoy Bereg recreation center. Due to foggy weather, one of the Russian Ka-52s lost control and self-destructed. 

The second helicopter was still circling over the “brother”, and then flew in the direction of the Crimea. This is confirmed by the message of the rashist  Telegram “Fighterbomber” . Today they published a post with similar content and a black-and-white photo of the Ka-52 and with the signature, traditional in such cases: “Eternal flight, brothers.” This may hint at the fact that not one, but both pilots died at once.

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