Republicans demanded that Biden stop aid to Ukraine

Yuri Kobzar21:56, 04/20/23

Republicans fear that Putin will run out of patience and take over America.

A group of U.S. Republican senators wrote an open letter to U.S. President Joe Biden calling for a halt to military supplies to Ukraine in their current form. 

The text of the letter appeared on one of the American hosting sites, its authenticity was confirmed by the Republican Rand Paul .

“The second year of the war has begun, but there is no visible end in sight, and there is no clear strategy on how to end it. A proxy war with Russia in Ukraine is not in the interests of the United States and threatens to escalate, which could get out of control,” the letter says. .

The signatories believe that the White House’s strategy of sending regular aid to Ukraine and imposing sanctions on Russia leads to “escalation and more violence” and also carries the threat of direct conflict with Russia.

“We will oppose all further aid packages unless they are tied to a clear diplomatic strategy to end this war quickly,” the letter said.

The signatories, in particular, fear that Putin’s patience may run out. They are also unhappy that the United States is spending too much money to support Ukraine, whose government is “historically mired in corruption,” although the United States has enough internal problems of its own. In particular, they fear that aid to Ukraine weakens the US military.

“It is in our national interest, as well as the Ukrainian people, to encourage the negotiations that are urgently needed in order for this conflict to be resolved. We call on you to advance the achievement of peace through negotiations between the two parties,” the signatories conclude.

Under the letter are 19 signatures of Republican senators. Among them are the previously mentioned Rand Paul, who traditionally opposes aid to Ukraine, and QAnon conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Green.

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  1. So 19 scumbags out of a 100 senators want to give Ukraine to Putler. It’s a sad day for US politics when scum like this want to destroy democracy.

    • It isn’t out of 100 senators. They cite that asswipe Marjorie Greene who is NOT a senator. She’s a congressional dickweed. Based on that mischaracterization I don’t believe it was 19 senators. .

  2. They are only a minority, but seeing the darkest evil and sickening atrocities brought over Ukraine by a disgusting criminal fascist country, makes their demand all the more loathsome, disgraceful, and vile. These senators are the lowest our country has ever had and are a complete disgrace to our government and our nation. They are wretched creatures.

  3. They are completely crazy and dangerous.
    Remember the Gaetz mess for McCarthy’s election. Same group!

    All of them are silly parrots repeating all the Russian rhetoric.
    Garbage! Shame on them, they have Ukrainian blood on their hands.
    We don’t forget, we don’t forgive.

  4. In particular they contest that HIMARS were too much of an escalation. That tanks will be too and the provision of even longer range weapons is dangerous.

    Yet there is no mention of the human atrocities particularly against children and civilians. Nor is there mention that the longer range weapons (GLSDBs) will increase US capacity and production is slated to aid Taiwan after Ukraine.

    Also, the fact is clearly that a peacetime economy was never going to satisfy production needs in a conflict. Production capacity needs to be created and mothballed if there is no immediate need. Better to deal with this now than in a conflict with someplace with China like production capacity.

    It seems obvious that US aid will be required beyond what has been budgeted and in the current budgetary crisis and debt limit, that compromises are going to have to be made.

    I hope Biden will prioritize aid to combat Russian aggression which is truly inhumane even at the expense of his social programs agenda.

  5. I’ve tried to research the actual signatories of the letter. First it’s 19 LAWMAKERS not senators. From what I can father there were three senators who signed the letter. The recently elected Trump ass kisssr, Vance from Ohio, Lee from Utah and Paul from Kentucky. The remainder were congressional assholes which kinda makes sense since it was about 15 congressional assholes that are pure Trump dick sucking assholes.

    • Yeah, there are still a lot of sick people around and most of them in this business. Despite ALL the votes in support of Ukraine there are still some that dispense lies and half truths to continue their fake narratives.

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