Putin was really afraid of an arrest warrant: signs are named

Yuri Kobzar18:53, 04/20/23

The Russian dictator took precautionary measures after the appearance of a warrant for his arrest.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin was indeed afraid of being arrested on a warrant issued by the International Criminal Court. It is reported by the Center for Strategic Communications .

They note that lately, for various “unofficial reasons,” Putin has canceled two official visits at once, which were announced in advance – to Turkey and South Africa.

“And if everything is clear in the situation with South Africa – the country recognizes the jurisdiction of the ICC and is obliged to arrest the Russian president, then Turkey did not accept the Rome Statute. However, the Kremlin decided to play it safe,” the Stratcom reported.

This is not the only sign that Putin was afraid of a warrant for his arrest. So, on April 18, the State Duma urgently adopted a law according to which Russians will be imprisoned for 5 years for helping the ICC in the capture of Putin.

“All this suggests that Putin is very afraid of arrest and really perceives it as a real threat,” Stratcom says.

Arrest warrant for Putin

In mid-March, the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin and the Russian Children’s Ombudsman. Both are suspected of organizing mass abductions of Ukrainian children.

In Russia , they said that the decisions of the International Criminal Court do not matter to them, since the Russian Federation is not a party to the Rome Statute. However, the warrant for Putin’s arrest must be carried out by other countries that have signed the statute. For example, South Africa .

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