“Proven fascist and petty Bandera”: Medvedev hysterically attacked Zelensky

Marta Gichko21:50, 20.04.23

Quotes from the top politician of Russia from the next portion of nonsense can be disassembled into memes.

Former President of the Russian Federation, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev again made statements regarding Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

In particular, in his telegram channel, the disgraced Medvedev supported the hysteria of the Russian propaganda regarding the article of the German publication Die Welt. There, journalists analyze what is common between the expected Ukrainian counteroffensive and the Battle of Kursk during World War II.

Rospropaganda presents the material as if German journalists “compared Zelensky to Hitler.” Medvedev also interprets the article in the same way.

“German journalists from Die Welt directly urge the head of the “Ukrainian Nazis” not to repeat the mistakes of the German Fuhrer committed at Stalingrad. Sincere people: they finally realized that this actor is a real proven fascist, a real heir to the German National Socialists; the defeat of his regime will be the same , as in Stalingrad. Although this petty Banderist is not Field Marshal Paulus at all, “said the disgraced politician.

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  1. It must be vodka day in the Medvedev household, or maybe he’s now into hallucinatory drugs.

    • It was the same thing when the USSR invaded Czechoslovakia, they were Nazis. And when Putin invaded Georgia, they were Nazis, and Finland, they were Nazis, ditto Afghanistan and now Ukraine. Boring. Everyone that opposes ruzzkifuckingmir is a Nazi…

  2. Like so many, he either is lying, or had no idea what Fascism is. What Mussolini said about it includes his good buddy’s regime:

    “Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State.”

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