Kyiv City Council terminates land lease agreement with Russian embassy

20 APRIL 2023

The Kyiv City Council has terminated the land lease agreement with the Russian embassy in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

Source: Vitalii Klitschko, the Mayor of Kyiv, on Telegram

Quote: “Today, the Kyiv City Council terminated the land lease agreement with the embassy of Russia, the aggressor state.”

Details: The members of the Kyiv City Council turned to the Cabinet of Ministers to bring the property in the embassy building back under the ownership of the state of Ukraine.

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  1. Very good and high time. A crime syndicate doesn’t need an embassy. It was a spy’s nest anyway.

  2. The Ukrainian government has been far more patient for its diplomacy than it needed to be, even before the war. Though I doubt there’s much if anything at all, I wonder if the russians left behind any clues about their spies in Ukraine or the other countries in the region. Many on the conservative media are saying that the free world is seeing a resurgence of a new Cold War type alliance between russia and china.

    • I’m sure that the SBU is going through the premises with a fine tooth comb to see if anything of interest can be found.

  3. Seeing as Ukraine doesn’t exist, is a fake Country and was always part of moskovia, the scum won’t be needing an Embassy.

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