Flash of light over Kyiv was not a NASA satellite

 20 APRIL 2023

It was not a NASA satellite that burned down over Kyiv, but a bolide (meteor).

SourceAlpha Centauri, Ukrainian non-profit educational project about space

Quote: “Today, the NASA RHESSI satellite, which observed solar flares from 2002 to 2018, should indeed re-enter Earth’s atmosphere.

But the trajectory of his fall is very (VERY) far from Ukraine…”

“The object that has fallen near Kyiv is a bolide (meteor).”

Details: Alpha Centauri also posted the approximate route of the fall of the satellite.

The project has added that people are able “to observe other ‘fresh’ objects falling from space on the same website. None of them is flying over Ukraine.”


  • On the evening of 19 April, an air-raid warning was issued in the east of Ukraine, as well as in Kyiv Oblast, and an aerial target was reported to have been spotted in the skies over Kyiv Oblast.
  • Residents of the capital reported seeing a bright flash in the sky.
  • Earlier, Space.com reported that a malfunctioning NASA satellite would crash to Earth on 19-20 April.
  • NASA’s RHESSI satellite, which had studied the Sun from 2002 until its decommissioning in 2018, was expected to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere around 01:30 GMT on 20 April. RHESSI is not a huge satellite. It weighs only 270 kilograms. It was noted that the majority of this mass would be converted to ash and vapour during the fall.

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